martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

Would you...?

About one thing that I've already done, is wear pijamas whit cartoon characters, I love to wear that kind of pijamas, I'm still wearing it, I don't know why. In fact one of my favorite pijamas was one taht has lots of whales, it was very confortable.
One thing that I secretly would like to do is spend about $100 in a chic restaurant, because I think for that price yu could eat very well and also in a very nice enviroment and forniture. I I've never payed that price in a restaurant, not yet. I would prefer to spend it in something that last more time that a restaurante. When I mean secretly, I say it, because I think it wouldn't be a good sign that you are a materialistic person, for me is a little bit incongruent to my way of think.
Something that I woud never do is to have a piercieng or a tatoo, first because I defenitely don't like, in my personal opinion it doesn't look nice or pretty, and I always wer things very discret, so it doesn't go whit my personality.
And other reason why I wouldn't do those both kind of thins, is because I'm very coward for this things, for me is very painful.

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